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    The Characteristics of Departments
    I. College of Education II. College of Arts
    III. College of Science IV. College of Technology and Vocational Education
    V. College of Engineering ¢¾. College of Management
    ¢¿. College of Social Science and Physical Education VIII. Center for General Education¡@

    ¢¿. College of Social Science and Physical Education chinese website

    epartment of Sport chinese website video

    1. Focusing on the integration of theoretical foundations and practical experiences, courses are developed to help students possess solid knowledge and sport skills.
    2. Planning sport coaching and management programes, providing students multi-disciplinary learning opportunities.
    3. Focusing on cultivating academic capacity and research participation, students are encouraged to advance their studies.
    4. Courses are designed to help students learn the planning ability in exercise programs, sport events, and leisure activities.
    5. Focusing on learning the second language and management skills, courses are developed to enhance students' competitiveness.
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    Campus aisle

    Master program in Applied Sports Science,Department of Spor chinese website video

    1.Integrating academic theories and applied sports science practice.
    2.Based on natural science and social science, cultivating professional researchers.
    3.Promoting cooperation between industry and physical education.
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    Seeing and hearing classroom

    Graduate Institute of Sports and Health chinese website video

    1.Cultivating professional researchers in sports and health science.
    2.Emphasizing The integration of academic theories and applied sport science practice.
    3.Promoting and integrating scientific research, education, and practical applications in sports medicine and exercise science to enhance physical performance and health.
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    Cardiopulmonary experiment

    Department of Public Affairs and Civic Education chinese website video

    1.Organize The educator group with academic profession.
    2.Nurture practical talent with professional orientation.
    3.Develop social service with The mode of combining different sources.
    4.Construct specialty conduct through interdisciplinary way.
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    Group meeting(picture)

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