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    The Characteristics of Departments
    I. College of Education II. College of Arts
    III. College of Science IV. College of Technology and Vocational Education
    V. College of Engineering ¢¾. College of Management
    ¢¿. College of Social Science and Physical Education VIII. Center for General Education¡@

     III. College of Science chinese website video

    Graduate Institute of Science Education chinese website video

    1.Developing science / mathematics teaching and assessment which matches students' cognition and affection.
    2.Developing science / mathematics teachers' professional models and mechanism.
    3.Developing effective ways of dissemination science/mathematics research results.
    Tel¡G04-7232105 Ext. 3105
    Fax¡G04- 7211178


    Department and Graduate Institute of Mathematics chinese website video

    1. Nonlinear analysis and partial differential equations.
    2. Algebra and number theory.
    3. Cryptography and information security.
    4. Geometry and topology.
    5. Probability and statistics.
    6. Mathematics education study and high-school faculty training program.
    Tel¡G04-7232105 Ext. 3205

    Department and Graduate Institute of Mathematics

    Department and Graduate Institute of Chemistry chinese websitevideo

    1. Inorganic Chemistry
    2. Organic Chemistry
    3. Analytical Chemistry
    4. Physical Chemistry
    5. Nanomaterial Chemistry
    6. Biomolecular Chemistry
    7. Chemistry education/teacher training
    Tel¡G04-7232105 Ext. 3505
    The experiment

    Graduate Institute of Statistics and Information Science chinese website video

    1. Bioinformatics and biostatistics.
    2. Mathematical finance.
    3. Spatial statistics.
    Tel¡G04-7232105 Ext. 3205

    The experiment

    Department and Graduate Institute of Physics chinese website video

    1.GaN-based laser and opto-electronic semiconductor materials.
    2.Nano-physics and device fabrication.
    3.Magnetic, superconducting and novel materials.
    4.Synchrotron and surface physics.
    5. Physics education study and high-school faculty.
    Tel¡G04-7232105 Ext. 3305

    The experiment

    Graduate Institute of Photonics chinese website video

    1.Study on compound semiconductors for optoelectronic application.
    2.Study on liquid crystal and organic materials for display application.
    3.Study on holographic optical storage.
    4.Study on optical communication system and devices.
    Tel¡G04-7232105 Ext. 3306

    Attends class The classroom

    Department and Graduate Institute of Biology chinese website video

    Evolutionary Ecology
    1. Animal Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.
    2. Algal Ecosystem and Engineering.
    3. Social Insects.
    4. Yeast biodiversity, ecology, and evolution.
    Molecular Cell
    1. Molecular Neuroendocrinology.
    2. Plant Stress Physiology.
    3. Molecular Biology.
    4. Protein Engineering.
    5. Plant Molecular Genetics.
    Biology Education
    1. Biology Teacher Education.
    2. Ecological and Environmental Education.
    3. Multimedia Biology Teaching & Learning.
    Tel¡G04-7232105 Ext. 3405
    Biological experiment

    Graduate Institute of Biotechnology chinese website video

    Translational Medicine
    1. Free radical biology and antioxidant enzymes
    2. Animal pathological model
    3. Molecular action mechanism of nutraceutics
    4. The study of the structural bioinformation in drug discovery
    5. Molecular diagnosis of diseases
    6. Cancer biology
    Translational Agriculture
    1. Marine biotechnology¡GTransgenic fish as bioreactor and disease model
    2. Microbial enzymes
    Tel¡G04-7232105 Ext. 3406
    Laboratory miniature

     Update¡GFeb 11 2011