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    The Characteristics of Departments
    I. College of Education II. College of Arts
    III. College of Science IV. College of Technology and Vocational Education
    V. College of Engineering ¢¾. College of Management
    ¢¿. College of Social Science and Physical Education VIII. Center for General Education¡@

    I. College of Education¡@chinese website

    Graduate Institute of Education chinese website video

    1.Emphasizing advanced educational research.
    2.Cultivating excellent teachers and school adminstrators.
    3.Establishing continuing teacher education master programs for in-service teachers and school administrators.
    Tel¡G04-7232105 Ext.2015~2017



    Department of Special Education chinese website video

    1.Training excellent special teachers and administrators.
    2.Enhancing special educators` professional knowledge and skills.
    3.Promoting in-service teachers continuing education.
    4.Providing consultation services for identifying and teaching students with special needs.
    5.Emphasizing advanced special education research.
    Tel¡G04-7232105 Ext.2404~2407
    In classroom

    Master Program in Gifted Education, Dept. of Special Education chinese website video

    1.Cultivating teachers in gifted education.
    2.Researching and developing better instruction, teaching materials and assessment tools for gifted education.
    3.Training professionals in The assessment of gifted education.
    4.Providing consultation and related services for The public regarding gifted education.
    5.Being a major gifted research center in Taiwan.
    Tel¡G04-7232105 Ext.2404~2407

    Book shelf

    Department and Graduate Institute of Guidance And Counseling chinese website english website video

    1.Training professional school counselors and school psychologists.
    2.Training professional counselors for various community mental health settings.
    3.Providing and emphasizing counseling specialties in training.
    4.Building research abilities in counseling and psycho-education.
    5.The oldest, largest and leading department of The guidance and counseling field in Taiwan.
    Tel¡G04-7232105 Ext.2202~2208

    Group discussion

    Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Counseling chinese website english website video

    1. Advocating the equal rights for people with disabilities.
    2. Cultivating professionals in rehabilitation counseling practice and research.
    3. Promoting the development of rehabilitation counseling services.
    Tel¡G04-7232105 Ext.2448~2449
    Fax¡G04- 7211251

    Master Program in Education for Students with Mild Disabilities, Dept. of Special Education chinese website video

    1.Cultivating the professionals at education of students with cognitive impairment and other mild disabilities.
    2.Training The professionals at career planning for students with mild disabilities.
    Tel¡G04-7232105 Ext.2404~2407

    Baby books

    Graduate Institute of Marriage and Family therapy chinese website video

    1.Building clinical skills in marriage and family therapy practice.
    2.Gaining research skills that focus on individuals, couples, and families.
    3.Focusing on gender and culture sensitivity in providing diverse family services.
    4.The first founded graduate institute of marriage and family therapy in Taiwan.
    Tel¡G04-7232105 Ext.2202~2208

    Pre-school education

     Update¡GFeb 11 2011