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    Campus tour


    Map 1: Jin-De Campus of NCUE¡@

    Map of Jin-De Campus

        When you enter the campus through the front gate, you will see Ming-de Building standing on the right.

     Further away are Qiao-si and Ge-zhi Building across the street. On the left side of the front gate, the Hu-bin,

     Zhi-shan and General Purpose Building lined the northern rim of the campus. If you go straight down Palm

     Boulevard, you will find yourself in a place flanked by two famous emerald lakes called Baisha. At the end of

     the avenue is the imposing Administration (Baisha)Building.Right behind it is the Central Square, with it`s

     statue of the greatest teacher, Confucius.To the east of the square lie the Student Activity Center, Gymnasium,

     and a Sports Center adjacent to the Track and Field. To the west of the square are Jie-ying Building, Main

     Library and Computer Center. Also in this area are Instructional , Yi-hui and Sheng-yang Building. In the

     southern part of the campus and at the foot of the hill are Hong-dao Building, restaurant, student dorm, and

     faulty family¡¦s dorm.



    Map 2: Bao-shan Campus of NCUE

    Map of Bao-shan Campus
        The Campus Security is right beside the T-junction of Shi-da and Bao-shan Road. If you walk along the wall to

     the west, you will pass Innovation & Incubation Center,and Area A power substation.After you go through the

     underpass, the Ninth Dorm and the softball field appear behind it. Continue down the path you will reach a pine

     forest and a volleyball court on the west side of Baoshan campus. On the other hand, if you go northeast and

     traverse the parking lot, you will find the main electrical substation, water purification facilities, and Jing-shi

     Building on the right side. Turn left when you see a deep well, then the Li-xing Building with an artificial lake 50

     meters away . Finally, when you go around the sewage disposal situated in the northern part of the campus,

     you will reach the tennis court.


     Update¡GNov 28 2008