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    Research & Development


    Exchange Students

    National Changhua University of Education has seven colleges with a total of twelve departments and eleven graduate programs accepting international students for the academic year of 2007-2008.

    The international students qualified for being admitted to National Changhua University of Education are those who are not nationals of the Republic of China as stipulated by the Nationality Act, Article Two, and do not hold the identity as overseas Chinese students. But those who originally held ROC nationality will not be eligible to apply within eight years of the Ministry of the Interior's permit of losing it. The said eight years are calculated till the date of the applied academic year begins.

    According to cultural cooperation agreement, foreign nationals screened and recommended by their governments, institutions, schools, and cultural and educational communities to study in Taiwan are not restricted by the said provisions.

    Overseas Chinese who are also nationals of foreign countries can use on their own will the regulations in this document or Regulations for Studying in Taiwan and Assistance for Overseas Chinese Students. For those who apply for admissions through both channels, their right to apply through this channel will be forfeited.

    Applicants are required to have passed all the courses taken in the school previously attended or currently attending. Applicants for undergraduate admission must have average grade higher than C or 70 of a percentile in each of the major courses related to their intended field of study at this university. Applicants for graduate admission must have earned an average grade higher than B or 75 of a percentile in each of the major courses related to their intended field of study at this university.

    Application forms and fees must be submitted before April 30 each year. Each applicant is permitted to make one choice on departments / graduate institutes. Late applications may be processed in the following academic year upon request.